Lux 14.4

The project scope was to realise the client’s expansion into an extended space of building they already partially occupied. Taking on board the client’s standard requirements, the design team had to replicate the design from other client occupied floors which had been designed by previous designers.

The Covid-19 Pandemic also severely impacted the project timelines due to site and country border closures disrupting deliveries to site. The project was completed by the end September ’20 in part thanks to the negotiated contract with the GC, over a traditional tender, speeding up the procurement process. This path was possible to be undertaken thanks to the contractor’s existing experience with the client, their standards and the consultant team

  • Client: International Tech Firm
  • Sector: Commercial
  • Size: 11,700
  • Contractor: ISG
  • Project Manager: Stature London
  • Cost Manager: Stature London
  • Architect: IA Interior Architects
  • MEP Consultant: YES Engineering
Corridor Wall Detail
Flexible working
Dining Area
Seating Area
Wall Details
Meeting Space
Flexible Work Space
Wall Details
Desk Space

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