04/09/2023 - PR Article

Revolutionary Construction Software Simplifies Change Management and Cost Reporting

Stature London, an international construction project and cost management consultancy, announces the launch of a groundbreaking software solution designed to digitalise the change management and cost reporting process for construction contracts. Developed by the company’s founder, Adam Lynch, this unique platform aims to facilitate informed client decisionmaking and provide real-time cost advice, revolutionising the way construction projects are managed.

Traditionally, change management in the construction industry has been a complex and timeconsuming process, often relying on extensive email communication, calls, and meetings. Excel trackers were commonly used to monitor changes, leading to extensive coordination efforts and delays in obtaining approvals. Stature London recognized these challenges and saw an opportunity to
enhance efficiency while reducing costs for all parties involved. The newly developed software provides a centralised and shared platform for recording and tracking changes throughout the project lifecycle. It allows the entire design team to interact and collaborate seamlessly, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed and involved in the decision-making process.

By leveraging the platform’s advanced features, clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the necessary modifications, along with anticipated costs and program implications, prior to formalising any change under the building contract.

Key features of the software include:

Reduced Time and Resource Costs: The platform centralises the uploading of information, communication, and approvals, significantly reducing the time and effort required from each party. Notifications are automatically sent to the relevant individuals, streamlining the process and ensuring timely contributions.

Streamlined Change Recording: A timeline feature allows users to track when each party added information, comments, and approval or rejection dates. The software also enables easy allocation of Contract Instruction references to changes, providing a comprehensive overview of the project’s evolution.

Enhanced Cost Reporting Process: The platform introduces a 3-step cost reporting process that continuously improves accuracy. It starts with budget cost advice based on initial change descriptions, followed by claimed costs from contractors after contract approval, and concludes with assessed costs following review by the Employer’s professional team.

Real-Time Cost Reporting: The software provides real-time cost reporting, enabling stakeholders to access up-to-date information on forecast outturn costs, anticipated costs to complete, and remaining contingency. This empowers clients to make informed decisions promptly, enhancing project transparency.

Comprehensive Categorisation and Analysis: Changes are categorised by construction element and risk type, facilitating detailed analysis for future cost forecasting, lesson learned assessments, and new project risk registers. The software’s analytic graphics showcase the reduction of contingency over time, aiding decision-making during change approvals.

Additionally, the software’s user experience and interface design prioritise usability and intuitive navigation. Extensive onboarding and training are no longer required, ensuring project teams can quickly adapt and maximize efficiency without incurring additional costs.
Stature London conducted thorough research into existing change management processes, which highlighted the limitations of traditional methods. By collaborating with platform development consultants, they successfully created an innovative tool with four user types and a logic flow diagram that ensures a seamless and controlled change management process. The platform guarantees that
changes are only visible to the Client Representative(s) once all required information, time, and cost advice are included, preventing premature exposure to incomplete data.

The platform also features robust data export options, allowing users to download comma-separated Excel workbooks and PDF files. Furthermore, clients gain secure access to the platform, enabling them to monitor project costs and progress in real time, while benefiting from insightful analytics that inform risk mitigation and future planning.

By introducing this groundbreaking software, Stature London solidifies its commitment to revolutionising the construction industry’s processes. By streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, and providing real-time insights, the platform sets a new standard for project efficiency and informed decision-making.

To learn more about Stature London and their innovative software, please visit www.stature.london or contact Adam Lynch at adam.lynch@stature.london.