We are dedicated to delivering exceptional cost and project management services.

At Stature Piercehill, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help clients effectively manage their costs and successfully execute their projects. With our expertise and diligent resource allocation, we ensure that our staff have sufficient time to deliver high-quality results while gaining a deep understanding of each client's specific requirements.

Feasibility Studies & Affordability Assessment

Conducting detailed studies to assess the feasibility of a project and its affordability based on various factors.


Comparing project costs and performance against industry standards to identify areas for improvement.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Developing accurate cash flow projections to assist clients in managing their financial resources effectively.

Cost Estimating

Determining the potential costs associated with a project, considering the fundamental requirements of the end client.

Cost Planning

Framing cost estimates and budgets during the design development phase for reference and control.

Contractual Advice

Providing guidance on contractual matters, including the use of bonds, guarantees, and warranties.

Value Engineering

Identifying opportunities to optimize project value while minimizing costs withoutcompromising quality.

Cost Reporting

Providing detailed reports on project costs, including cost breakdowns, forecasts, and variations.

Contractor Selection & Qualification

Assisting clients in selecting qualified contractors for their projects through a rigorous evaluation process.

Tender Document & Pricing Document Production

Developing comprehensive tender and pricing documents to facilitate accurate bidding and cost evaluation.

Post-Contract Cost Control & Change Valuation

Implementing effective measures to control costs during the construction phase and evaluating changes to contract scope.

Valuations & Payment Certification

Conducting regular valuations of completed work and certifying payments to contractors accordingly.

Final Account Preparation

Assisting in the preparation of final accounts, ensuring all costs are accurately recorded and accounted for.

Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Assessing the cost required to reinstate a property or asset to its original condition following damage or loss.

Strategic Planning

Developing a strategic project plan aligned with the client's objectives, timelines, and resources.

Development Consultation

Offering expert advice and support during the project development phase, ensuring a smooth transition to the construction stage.

Contract Administration

Administering contracts, ensuring compliance with terms, managing variations, and resolving disputes.

Employer's Representative

Representing the client's interests throughout the project, coordinating with contractors and overseeing project progress.

Procurement Strategy Advice

Advising clients on the most suitable procurement strategy to optimize project outcomes while managing risks.

Monitoring & Liaison with Specialist Advisors

Collaborating with specialist advisors such as party wall surveyors, planners, and legal experts to ensure regulatory compliance.

Consultant Appointment Management & Scope Alignment

Managing the appointment of consultants and aligning their scope of work with the project requirements.


Developing project schedules and timelines to facilitate efficient execution and coordination of activities.

Project Reporting

Providing regular progress reports to clients, highlighting key milestones, risks, and recommended actions.

Risk Management

Identifying, assessing, and managing project risks to minimize their impact on cost, schedule, and quality.

Post Contract Change Management

Managing changes to the project scope, assessing their impact, and implementing effective change control processes.

Snagging Coordination & Project Handover Management

Coordinating snagging activities to address construction deficiencies and ensuring a seamless

Viability Assessment

Assessing the viability of a project, considering factors such as market conditions, financial feasibility, and risk analysis.

Programme Reviews

Reviewing project schedules and timelines to identify potential delays, bottlenecks, or inefficiencies.

Review of Associated Permissions

Assessing the status and compliance of permissions such as party wall agreements, licenses, permits, etc.

Review of Planning Status & Associated Cost and Programme Risks

Evaluating the planning status of a project and identifying associated risks that may impact cost and schedule.

Review of Professional Appointments & Warranties

Reviewing professional appointments and warranties to ensure proper documentation and coverage.

Review of Insurances, Performance Bonds & Guarantees

Evaluating insurance policies, performance bonds, and guarantees to mitigate financial risks associated with the project.

Review of Collateral & Sub-contract Warranties Provision

Assessing collateral warranties and subcontract warranties to ensure appropriate provisions are in place.

Review of Procurement Strategy & Form of Contract

Reviewing the procurement strategy and form of contract to ensure they align with the project objectives and mitigate risks.

Cashflow Forecasting

Developing accurate cash flow forecasts to monitor and manage financial resources throughout the project duration.

Interim Valuation Reports & Drawdown Recommendation

Preparing interim valuation reports and recommending drawdowns to facilitate timely payment processes.

Cashflow Monitoring

Monitoring project cash flow against forecasts, identifying any deviations, and proposing corrective measures.

Cost-to-Complete Reporting

Reporting on the estimated costs required to complete the project based on the current progress and anticipated work.

Risk Reporting

Providing regular reports on project risks, their potential impact, and recommended risk mitigation strategies.


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